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Elements One

Compact vehicle with great proportions - the DXV Elements One . A transverse and lengthways bed in the rear, a U-shaped seating area in front of it, followed by a kitchen and wet room with a separate toilet offer sufficient storage and living space for two to three people. The rear garage offers space for an all-terrain quad. The built-in technology ensures self-sufficient travel and pleasant living comfort.

Interior Design

MAN 8-224  

220 hp


320L tank




Spring storage

40mm side wall

Outbound window  



7680 Wh Lifepo4

3Kw inverter

990 watt solar  

B2B 800 watts




​   Base vehicle: MAN 8.224  

  • Preparation of the vehicle frame with wax sealing

  • Conversion to all-weather tires 385/65 R22.5

  • Painting of the add-on parts with sealing of the loading area  

  • Installation of roof air conditioner 2500 W / 8530 BTU / h

  • Extra insulation inside the entire driver's cab  

  • Add-on 300 liter diesel tank  

  • Conversion of three seats to two Grammer comfort air seats

  • New radio with sound system  

  • Attachment of roof spoiler for improved driving noise and aerodynamics

  • Installation of 4 additional headlights with high beam function and ECE approval  

  • Service and various repairs  on the drive train



​   Cabin:  

  • Spring-mounted frame, rigidly screwed to the rear of the vehicle, hot-dip galvanized

  • Stainless steel spring elements ensure sufficient  agility  of the vehicle frame in offroad terrain ​​

  • Base plate 60mm thick with 2mm GRP laminate base plate  

  • Side walls and roof 40mm thick, each with a 2mm GRP top layer

  • L-profiles made of anodized  aluminum  protect the cabin additionally  

  • GRP corner bracket with integrated  lighting  

  • Outbound windows, flaps  and doors 

  • Entrance door with security lock  and 3-point locking

  • Storage boxes mounted on the intermediate frame, with 3-point locking, 35mm insulation, interior lighting, painted in loading area sealing

  • Scissor staircase with 7 steps, passively illuminated

  • Emergency stairs can be stowed between the driver's cab and the body  

  • Passage  between driver's cab and cabin with two safety doors and bellows   

  • Spare wheel carrier, hot-dip galvanized, space for a spare wheel, with hand winch



  • Furniture construction in high quality , body made of multi-glued wood coated in matt white  

  • Fronts made of 19mm thick bamboo panels  

  • Stone look floor  

  • LED lighting in the living room, indirect lighting above the cupboards, two ambient lamps in the seating area, two reading lamps on the bed

  • The sleeping area can be used flexibly, as a transverse bed 140x200 or lengthways bed 200x200 with easy exit for both people via the Seat location

  • U-shaped seating area covered with resilient fabric  

  • rotating and sliding table frame, can be lowered to create a third sleeping place in the U-shaped seating area  

  • Kitchens with full pull-outs, ball-bearing with soft-close

  • Microwave in stainless steel look

  • Induction hob with 2 cooking zones

  • Generous stainless steel sink with high quality faucet

  • Radio with surround sound, bluetooth, hands-free system

  • TV satellite  System with 24 inch Smart TV  

  • WiFi network with 4 antennas  

  • Wet cell 80X85cm with stainless steel shower tray and overlying grate made of bamboo wood varnished

  • separate separating toilet with ventilation to the vehicle floor  

  • Shower and toilet can be found in the bathroom  tied together  will  

  • Skylights 40x40cm above the toilet and the shower  

  • Qaudgarage in the rear, including winch and ramps  

  • Additional storage space within the intermediate floor, easily accessible through a hatch in the living room 



​   Electrics:

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery group with integrated heating, 7680 Wh capacity at 24V voltage 

  • Inverter 24V constant  Output power 2400W, peak power 6000W

  • Charger 70A at 24V corresponds to 1680W

  • Solar system with a total  Output of 990Wp, divided into 2 solar charge controllers with 30A each, both systems electrically separated for maximum redundancy  to achieve 

  • Charge booster  in twofold  Execution total power 820W

  • Charger for the starter batteries with 400W power, can be switched on via inverter or external power

  • 5 inch display in the interior , with systematic representation of the energy flow in the vehicle

  • Remote maintenance of the electrical system is possible via integrated WLAN 

  • Exterior lighting mounted below the cabin, controllable with radio remote control  


   Air conditioning:

  • 2x 4Kw diesel auxiliary heating from Eberspächer, with a separate one  Heating circuit  

  •   Dometic Freshjet 2200 air conditioner with 1200W heating and 2200W cooling power 

  • Bycool air conditioning with 2500W cooling capacity in the driver's cab  


   Water system:  

  • Complete water system built into the double floor, therefore winter-proof down to -20 degrees in heating mode

  • 2x 10.9L / min Shurflo water pumps, each connected separately to a water tank

  • Electric boiler with 2kW output and 15L capacity installed under the bench, heats water to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius

  • second boiler via waste heat  the auxiliary heater and electric heating cartridge with 500 watts, 10 liters capacity 

  • two 150 liter fresh water tanks made of MPDE, 8mm wall thickness, with maintenance cover easily accessible from the living room 

  • 75L waste water tank built into the outer storage compartment

  • Fill level of the water tank via tank sensor with resolution  <2mm, therefore precise information  the fill level in liters, readable on the touch panel in the living area 


Room tour of "STEPSOVER"

Sequence 12:00-21:00


This vehicle is currently on a world tour.  


Instagram: stein_zeit_reise

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