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Liner 7500

DXV Liner 7500  Luxurious living on a 7.5 ton basis. The Liner 7500 with its weight-oriented design offers significantly more space and payload than the competition thanks to slide-out technology. A state-of-the-art electrical concept makes it easier  the search for a parking space. 


Fuso 7C18

180 hp


8 meters



Slide out

25 mm side wall

Design alcove

  Rear garage  



4800 Wh Lifepo4

3Kw inverter

990 watt solar  

B2B 720 watts




​   Base vehicle: Fuso 7-180

  • 7500 kg permissible total weight  

  • 180 hp, automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive, locking differential

  • Touch navigation, Apple Car Play  

  • Leather seats, heated seats, driver comfort seat 



​   Construction:  

  • Welded between frames made of aluminum profiles  

  • Floor 40mm thick, foam insulation  

  • Side walls 25mm thick with 1.2mm aluminum outer coating  

  • Seitz window with blackout and fly screen

  • Flaps and doors made of aluminum, extremely robust, two-compartment locking with a sturdy key   

  • electric awning 5.5 meters long, 3 meters extension  

  • Slide-out system 2 meters long, 105 centimeters extension, electric motors with synchronous control  


    Expansion: living area, wet room, rear garage  

  • Furniture construction in high quality , body made of multi-glued wood  

  • Fronts made of 19mm thick  multi-glued  plates  

  • Stone look floor  

  • LED lighting in the living room, indirect lighting above the cupboards, ambient lighting in the seating area, two reading lamps on the bed

  • Sleeping area above the driver's cab 2000x1200,  Sleeping area above the garage 2000x1800

  • U-shaped seating group with leather seat upholstery

  • Rotatable and slidable table frame, can be lowered to create a fourth sleeping place in the U-shaped seating area  

  • Kitchens with full pull-outs, ball-bearing with soft-close

  • Microwave in stainless steel look

  • Induction hob with 2 cooking zones

  • Generous stainless steel sink with high quality faucet, pull-out  

  • TV satellite  System with two 32 inch Smart TVs, twin SAT

  • Wet cell 80X80cm 

  • Cassettes  Toilet  

  • Additional storage space within the intermediate floor, easily accessible through a hatch from the outside area  

  • spacious rear garage easily accessible from the passenger side 



​   Electrics:

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery bank, 4800 Wh capacity at 24V voltage 

  • Inverter 24V constant  Output power 2400W, peak power 6000W

  • Charger 70A at 24V corresponds to 1680W

  • Solar system with a total  Output of 990 Wp, divided into 2 solar charge controllers with 30A each, both systems electrically separated for maximum redundancy  to achieve 

  • Charge booster  Power 720 W

  • 5 inch display in the interior , with systematic representation of the energy flow in the vehicle

  • Remote maintenance of the electrical system is possible via integrated WLAN 

  • Exterior lighting above the  entrance


   Air conditioning:

  • 2x 4Kw diesel auxiliary heating from Eberspächer

  • 2x Dometic Freshjet 2200 air conditioning with 1200W heating and 2200W cooling capacity  


   Water system:  

  • Complete water system built into the double floor, therefore winter-proof down to -20 degrees in heating mode

  • 10.9L / min Shurflo water pumps, each connected separately to a water tank

  • electric boiler 2kW power and 15L capacity, heats water to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius

  • two 200 liter fresh water tanks made of MPDE, 8mm wall thickness, easy to reach with maintenance cover 

  • Waste water tank 150L built into the outer storage compartment

  • Fill level of the water tank via tank sensor with resolution  <2mm, therefore precise information  the fill level in liters, readable on the touch panel in the living area 

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